Susan’s Book Coveting: The MTV VJs book


News broke last Thursday about this one: the original four MTV VJs — yes, from the days when the M in MTV stood for music — have signed a book deal. Here’s from what I guess is the press release, as quoted in GalleyCat:

“Among the highlights will be the vjs’ never-before-told stories about getting, doing, and ultimately leaving the most coveted job of the decade; the truth behind Roger Daltrey’s demands to visit MTV; days and nights spent partying with Van Halen; the ‘Paint the Mutha Pink’ contest with John Cougar Mellencamp that went toxic; joining the mile high club while flying to see the band Asia play at the Budokan in Japan; and all true tales of hair styles gone horribly wrong as a new kind of broadcast medium was being created hour by hour and day by day — all perfectly set against the era when you would still call into your answering machine from a pay phone.”

I remember those early days of MTV. I remember the video revolution. I remember being at CMJ and hearing reps for Slayer say they were making a video, and I remember how the entire room shook at that news. Hell, I remember the furor over the groundbreaking “One.”

So, yeah. It was, in part, the Original Four who set me on my musical path. Who made me want to work behind the scenes and be part of what made the magic come true.

You’d better believe I’ll be getting my hands on this one.


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