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Let me first tell you who’s up to what since my last report a whole two weeks ago…

LA Day, who is cool, has a new release at Ellora’s Cave: Satin Seduction. And for you Fictionwise shoppers, her Undercover Pleasure Droid (which is a truly kick-ass title and I want it for myself) is now available there.

The awesome and smart Shelley Munro seems to have her name on two new releases, too: Lovers at Last and Midnight Treat, an anthology that’s now available in print.

Beth Williamson, who I met at RT and thought was quite lovely and I’d like to be her friend, has an entry in the perfectly timed Sand, Sun, and Sex series. It’s available in an e-book AND in print, for those who prefer to hold a book, not some sort of electronic device. Oh, yeah. It’s called Marielle’s Marshal.

And my dear friend Red Garnier has another new one. Color my Heart is its name. You know you can’t resist.

Completely without intending to, I won a copy of the Nothing But Red anthology from Jessica Tudor, with whom I’ve been chatting all things Pittsburgh Penguins. This is an important book, one whose genesis just makes me sick. Let’s all band together and make a difference in the world. A positive one.

And now… to make a difference in YOUR world, let me rave about Toni McGee Causey‘s Bobbie Faye’s Very (very, very, very) Bad Day. I met Toni in an elevator at RT, where she showed off her Suck Me, Shuck Me t-shirt and raved about her book. She was on this incredible adrenaline high; I took to her immediately. Getting to know her a bit better at the Mystery Chix and a Dick breakfast that final morning before the book sale (hey, it was final for me!) was a treat. I hope to have lots more Toni goodness for you guys in the future. (Hey, Toni! Are you listening?)

Anyway. The book.

I mentioned in my last Book Talk that I was reading this and loving it. It only got better. Bobbie Faye is this woman who seems to be able to do nothing right, yet has as many fans as she has detractors. Think Stephanie Plum and her exploits and multiply it by a factor of … a million. If it can go wrong, it does (except for maybe blisters. Maybe.) — but somehow, Bobbie Faye finds a way out.

Not only does Causey write fantastic action sequences (that didn’t make me squint as I tried to envision and understand what was happening. Ever notice how some do?), but the romantic male lead… okay, his name is Trevor, so I’m partial in the first place. He’s a Trevor worthy of the name.

That was in April when I first met Toni. A few weeks ago, the second in the Bobbie Faye series came out, Bobbie Faye’s (Kinda, sorta, not exactly) Family Jewels. I threw it on my wish lists at the book trading sites … I’m not the only person at Paperback Swap who’s a fan of Bobbie Faye, let me tell you. I’m #50 of 56 (at last check) in line for a copy.

Know what that means? Word’s getting out, and fast. Check Toni and Bobbie Faye out and help spread the word, yourself. You know you want to.

You can thank me later.

(btw, stay tuned or scroll or something. I wound up with an extra copy of Very Bad Day and will be giving it away here in a second or two. See? I knew you wanted to!)



  1. J. Kaye Oldner

    June 15, 2008 10:02 pm

    I am a huge fan of Ellora’s Cave books! I also have Bobbie Faye’s Very (very, very, very) Bad Day on my shelf. I’ve heard nothing but great things about this book. Can’t wait to get to it.

  2. Shelley Munro

    June 15, 2008 11:45 pm

    Thanks for the shout-out, Susan!! I’ll have to check out Bobbie Faye’s Very Bad Day since I adore Stephanie Plum. I want to be Stephanie when I grow up. 😉

  3. LA Day

    June 16, 2008 4:54 pm

    Thanks so much for the promo. It’s awesome to be listed with such wonderful authors.

  4. Beth Williamson

    June 17, 2008 8:29 am

    Hey thanks for the mention Susan!! It was lovely to meet you at RT. 😀

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