Susan’s Book Talk: What’s hot


Wasn’t it just the other day I was blogging about a new Metallica book?

Today came word of ANOTHER one.

Renowned British rock journalist Mick Wall will release a new book, “Metallica: Enter Night – The Biography”, in hardcover via Orion in the U.K. on November 11.

(See Blabbermouth for the whole article)

Sheesh. It seems like the whole world has decided to write about my favorite real-life band. And that’s fine (or it would be if they’d all send me review copies so I could compare/contrast them. HINT, folks!).

It’s been quiet here this week. I’m sure you’ve noticed. I’m sure you’re getting excited to see what I’m working on bringing you for the Musical Hanukkah Celebration and my big push to donate at least half my royalties in November and December to charity. (Hint: I just got word of sales at Sony, B&N, and Apple today. So if you shop at any of those places, get ready to buy ’cause the books are THERE!)

Stay tuned. We’re going to have a LOT of fun. I’ve got lots of two-parters for you guys, too. And lots of your favorite characters (and a few you’ve seen here but haven’t warmed up to yet. Yet.).

Musical Hanukkah. Metallica. Books. Who’da thunk???


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