Susan’s Mega Book Coveting!


Holy open tabs, Batman. It seems there’s been a bonanza of rock books I need to tell you about. And that doesn’t include the ones people have sent me for review! (Remember to keep an eye on Rocks ‘n Reads for the books I review. They’re not all rock books, you know — although the majority are.)

Coming in the Spring will be Ronnie James Dio’s memoir. Well, in the title, it’s called an autobiography. Later in the article I read, it’s called a memoir. Ultimately, I’m not going to quibble (at least until I review it) because, hey, this is Ronnie James Dio. If he wants to call this book a bass drum, I might look at him funny. But I’ll read it anyway.

Although, given that he’s now watching out for us from the wherever-after, it’ll be hard for him to call it anything without a Ouija board. Which I do NOT own.

Next up is some good, old-fashioned fiction. Check THIS one:

Former BROKEN HOPE/current LUPARA guitarist and author Jeremy Wagner has signed a book deal for his debut novel, “The Armageddon Chord”. The book is slated for release in August 2011 in digital format, trade paperback, and a special, limited-edition hardcover through kRP Publishing.

Okay, this guy needs to raise Lupara’s profile ’cause I haven’t heard of them yet. But check OUT this picture of Jeremy. He ought to be the movie version of my Daniel. I am following him on Twitter. Wonder if he’ll be interested…

Back to the books…
Think there are enough bios about Metallica floating around the world? Nope. Me, either. (or me, too, depending on how you answered.) Now there’s word of one from British rock critic Mick Wall. It’s called Metallica: Enter Night — The Biography. And if the interview I’ve linked to is any indication, let’s hope there are smaller paragraphs in the book… holy text blocks, Batman! Yikes! That was HARD to read.

Think we’re done???? I mean, hello? I said this was a MEGA book coveting!

Duff McKagan, who I might be falling in love with after watching him (and his wife. OMG, talk about Kerri come to life!) on Married to Rock, also has an autobiography/memoir coming out. Yep, add that puppy to our list.

And finally…
This last book has less of a metal feel to it. In some ways, it’s a history book that might be more important to me (yes, to ME) than Dio’s book. That’s because it’s a history of MTV. Here’s what the article said:

“MTV Ruled The World: The Early Years Of Music Video” is the first-ever book to focus solely on the channel’s important building-block years, specifically from the MTV’s launch to when its original group of VJs left the channel.

Greg Prato is the author. He’s written other books with really long titles; ahh, non-fiction. How I do love thy coloned titles.

Did I mention I’ve got a crush on Jeremy Wagner now? Did I NEED to???? Sheesh. His wife is one lucky woman.

There ya go. Four, five books, and two crushes. I’d say that’s a pretty good take for one day…



  1. C.A.T.

    January 5, 2011 7:25 am

    Do you have any suggestion for a good Metallica bio that’s already released now? The only one I’ve ever got and read is Damage Inc ebook, and that book sounds more like a musical and anthropological lesson than a metal legend biography.
    .-= C.A.T.´s last blog ..Wordless Wednesday- Awesome Comic Sketches – Alex Ross =-.

  2. netta

    January 5, 2011 9:15 am

    I’m gonna have to check out that one about MTV. I hope it has some meat to it. I really want to know why they shifted from videos to series about train wrecks like Flava Flav and Leif Garrett in rehab. SMDH.

    MTV was a HUGE part of my life for a long time. It changed everything — then they bailed.

    Thanks for the recommendations, chickie 🙂
    .-= netta´s last blog ..Wrap It Up- I’ll Take It =-.

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