#SaystheEditor December News and Changes on the Horizon


I could blame it on the weather. On that fact that it was only November and for the first time in the eighteen years I’ve lived in this house, I’m wrapped in blankets as I work and eyeing my budget to see if I can afford to overhaul the computer system here at West of Mars so I’m not trapped in here while my windows leak cold air mercilessly.

Or I could point out that I haven’t done this in over a year, so we’re due.

Or I could reference a discussion I had with a casual acquaintance, who told me I’m not charging what I’m worth as a woman and I should go even higher than I’m going to, even though that may mean every single one of my clients may not be able to afford me — but at least I’ll be asking a price that I’m worth.

But the simple fact remains: it’s time to raise rates, as of January 1.

The new rates, for new clients only, will be:
Content edit: $3.00 per 250 words
Line edit: $2.25 per 250 words
Proof/copy: $1.50 per 250 words

It’s only a raise of a fraction of a penny per word. Current clients will continue to receive a lower rate, and the discount for active Pennwriters remains in effect. Look for me to offer more “book now and receive current client rate” offers, and for me to reward referrals more aggressively, too.

But there are a few more changes. The non-fiction department has proven to be more trouble than it’s worth, and as of January 1, I will no longer be offering non-fiction services — with the exception of author newsletters. Even if you’re not a West of Mars editing client for your fiction, we’ll still help make sure your newsletter (and yes, your bios. Don’t be this woman!) best represents you.

I’ll be updating the website shortly.

There’s more change on the horizon, of course. There’s some business stuff going on that’ll be new over here. I’m continuing to build my support staff, having taken on a bookkeeper and I continue to look for other skilled professionals, too.

So… yeah. 2014 was a heck of a year. A lot of tests thrown at me, and so far, it seems I’ve passed them. Now to conquer the test of continued growth… and an icebox of an office. That’s the next challenge.

Fixing those windows.


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  1. Dana Griffin

    December 8, 2014 1:07 pm

    I am one of those clients who feels you’re rates aren’t high enough for the value we get. Don’t get me wrong, I’m glad I get such great editing for the frugal price you charge, but as compared to other editors out there, I feel you should bump the new prices even higher.

    I hope you can get those windows fixed.

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