#SaystheEditor June, oh June


It’s the second week of June. I think we can all agree to that.

But here’s where it gets weird. It’s the second week of June.


So what, I hear you saying. Or, Good for you. You can read a calendar.

Know what else I can read? The balance sheet at West of Mars.

It’s the second week of June and already, it’s the  most lucrative June I’ve had since I came out of retirement a few years ago. And we’re not even halfway through. And there’s more client work lined up, more manuscripts to work on.


Gratitude doesn’t even begin to touch how I feel when I look at simple facts like that. I have said it before: I have the best clients anywhere. They are funny, they are (mostly) loyal, they are smart and they are oh, so creative, I routinely sit back to savor and appreciate what they come up with. Scenarios, characters, alternate worlds, plot twists… all of it. As a writer, I pale beside them.

But I’m glad to be the proverbial red pen who helps make their brilliance shine.

I have openings in July still. Not many, but there’s space. Let’s join forces and let me bring out your best while you dazzle me with your raw talent.

No wonder I love my job.

And it’s only the second week in June.


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  1. Dana Griffin

    June 16, 2014 11:27 am

    I’m glad you’re doing so well in June. Which reminds me, I need to get off my procrastinating butt and set a date to have my manuscript to you before the slots I’d like fill up. I seem to work better under pressure.

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