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I’m killing  a few minutes this morning, looking over the headlines at Brave Words and Blabbermouth (and, of course, my guilty pleasure, Metal Sucks) when one headline caught my eye: Five Finger Death Punch and Volbeat are teaming up for a tour. In autumn. Dates have been released for September and October.

What does this have to do with writing?

Well, other than giving everyone a few bands to explore before stepping into Featured New Book Spotlight, it makes an important point: It is early May as I’m writing this. The shows that were announced are for four months in the future.

Frequently, in Rock Fiction, I see authors who will have a band schedule a show with a few days’ notice. It’s convenient for the story so boom, there it is.

Every time I see it, I cringe. And I wonder if the author knows his or her stuff. If I’m reviewing the book, I’ll mention it, too.

Because while that four months’ notice the public is being given seems long, let me tell you, these dates were in the works weeks if not months before that, too. Scheduling routes, venue availability, media accessibility, press releases, and other factors go into the equation and the dance that scheduling a tour entails. And don’t forget that the band’s fans need time to save up for tickets; it’s not $15 to see a band in an arena anymore, you know!

The concert-going public may not get word of a show until last minute. But believe me, the wheels were in  motion long before that announcement was made.

If you’re writing Rock Fiction, keep that in mind.


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  1. Lisa

    July 26, 2014 1:07 am

    Lol! I know the kindle highlighter is probably for the unforgettable lines in our reading, the ones we want to go back and read again. But I’m a witch–with a B–sometimes and I’m always highlighting stuff like that, and making comments that only I will ever read, but makes me feel better. The other day I was reading a scene in a studio. The tech told the rock star chick, for this one song he would record the music and vocals separately, so she would sing it on her own without the rest of the band, and the chick got upset because she hated when that happened. So I highlight it, and write to myself “when doesn’t it happen?” Karma’s a bad bitch and bites me constantly for this stuff 😀

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