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Featured New Book: Fire Storm by ME Sutton



Starla sent Geoff to tell our visitors that she would receive them in the reception hall. With a situation as serious as this, there was no doubt that she wanted to appear as authoritative as possible.

For my own part, I refrained from chewing my fingernails with a great deal of difficulty. I knew Galen pretty well, or at least I knew Stu’s version of Galen. Was he the same? Or was I about to come face-to-face with Stu in digital form, just as underneath Lyla’s face, I was really Jaycee Hiller, eighth-grade nobody? And how was I to know? Talk about awkward situations.



Line of Distinction: Power Play (Hero’s Sword #1) by ME Sutton



“This woman claims to be Lyla Stormbringer,” Roger said. Mutters passed through the group. “I have offered her the opportunity to prove herself. Lyla is known as a master sword fighter, skilled with the bow, and a great puzzle-solver. So I propose three tests, one for each strength. If she proves she is Lyla, we have found our champion. If she fails, we can decide her fate.” He turned to me. “Do you accept the terms?”

I swallowed hard. I didn’t like the sound of “decide her fate,” but I was in the game now. “I accept the terms,” I said, willing my voice to be steady.

Inside, however, I was shaking like a leaf. Never mind wearing stolen cuffs. This could be bad — really, really bad.

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Featured New Book: Wedding Bliss by ME Sutton


This has been a funny week, because I’ve had two authors fighting over the spotlight this week!

Okay, not fighting in the traditional sense, but … oh, it’s a long story. What makes it funny is that the two authors involved have strong ties to West of Mars. I’m feeling very good right now, knowing my plans to build community, not just be an editor, are working. (and yes, there’s room for you to join in. So join us!)

Mary Duncan 1


Yes, today’s guest is our good friend M. E. Sutton. You may recognize her. She’s got a new book in her Middle Grade series out today and I’ve read it. Let me tell you: this series is just getting better and better. (Okay, I lied. I haven’t read this one. Yet.)

So, Mary, what song makes you think of Wedding Bliss?

Okay, it is genre inappropriate. It might be age inappropriate, I’m not sure. But I absolutely cannot think of the word “wedding” without thinking of Billy Idol’s WHITE WEDDING. I’m not exactly sure why. The lyrics of the song don’t really relate to the subject matter of the book. But the two are twined in my mind. And maybe that’s not the most horrible thing. When the song hit it’s popularity (1982) I was, um, much younger than I am now. Billy stayed popular while I went through middle school, the same age Jaycee is in the book. So when I went to dances, or hung out with my friends, chances are I would hear WHITE WEDDING. So when I hear it now, on the Sirius/XM 80s channel, it takes me back to eighth grade. Not all of my memories of that time are fantastic, but the song always makes me smile. Here it is on YouTube.

We won’t discuss how old I was before I understood what White Wedding was actually about. So yeah, this isn’t terribly appropriate… but who cares! That’s the beauty of inspiration. You never know what’ll make it take hold or where it’ll take you.
Ready for what the book’s actually about, since it’s not about sneers and bleached hair and bad 80s fashion?
Lyla has long believed that Roger and Lady Starla belong together even though Roger insists that Starla is above his station. When handsome and noble Perry Goodhaven shows up and wins the lady’s affection, it seems at quick glance a more fitting match.

Soon after Perry’s arrival, Roger and other servants close to Lady Starla notice a change. She sleeps a lot more than usual, is lethargic when she is awake, and defers important decision-making to Perry.

With Roger incarcerated over false accusations of treason, it is up to Jaycee, aka Lyla Stormbringer, to clear Roger’s name and uncover the truth about the man positioning himself to rule Mallory with an iron fist.


Nice! No Billy Idol in there, indeed. Unless he wants to play Perry Goodhaven in the movie version. (I’m hoping Mary didn’t just spit her coffee at her monitor.)

Pick up your very own copy. Bill Idol not included.

*Note about availability: the book’s right now only at Amazon, but will arrive at all other platforms in the fall. Can I wait that long? Ugh. Perhaps not.


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