Line of Distinction: Power Play (Hero’s Sword #1) by ME Sutton



“This woman claims to be Lyla Stormbringer,” Roger said. Mutters passed through the group. “I have offered her the opportunity to prove herself. Lyla is known as a master sword fighter, skilled with the bow, and a great puzzle-solver. So I propose three tests, one for each strength. If she proves she is Lyla, we have found our champion. If she fails, we can decide her fate.” He turned to me. “Do you accept the terms?”

I swallowed hard. I didn’t like the sound of “decide her fate,” but I was in the game now. “I accept the terms,” I said, willing my voice to be steady.

Inside, however, I was shaking like a leaf. Never mind wearing stolen cuffs. This could be bad — really, really bad.

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