Late to my Own Party!


Many of us hate the holidays for a variety of reasons. Family. Travel. Football. Too much food. Food you don’t like. Weather. Not enough Rock Fiction to drown out the drunken ramblings of Crazy Uncle Sal, who’s up in arms this year over the whole Penn State Scandal, and who’s not sick of hearing about THAT already?

Whatever the reason, it’s most likely not MY reason.

My reason is that I’m not online. Not working. Probably not reading and most definitely not writing. This year, it was partly due to a migraine that hit the day before Thanksgiving and lasted until… this morning. Yeah. Almost eight days. Whee. Fun.

That’s why I’m late letting you guys know of a fun interview I did with author Jess C. Scott.

It’s short, too, which is always the best kind (given that I do one-question interviews, don’t you think I agree?). Stop in, check it out, and be sure to say hi to Jess, will ya?

After all, this isn’t just networking for me. It’s for you guys, too. Meet another cool author. Maybe you’ll host her at your site. Maybe she’ll host you. You get how these things work.

It all begins with hello.


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  1. Jess C Scott

    December 6, 2011 6:48 pm

    Hi Susan,

    No worries — I have been feeling fluish myself for the past few days (and hence I’m not online much either).

    Glad you found the interview fun 😉 I enjoyed your answers. One-question interviews sound amazing too!

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