Rocktober Prep


Mary and I have been plotting.

After all, Rocktober is drawing nearer — can’t you feel the weather turning? See the NFL players out on the training fields? — and I’ve been asked by many clients and friends to develop a really cool promotions department at West of Mars.

Really cool may mean falling on my face before I get it right, but one easy way to start is with Rocktober, the month-long celebration of all things Rock Fiction.

I know you want to join in. I need bloggers and authors, but if you’re a reader who wants to get a review of that Rock Fiction novel you’ve been dying to read, I’ve got room here for you.

Drop me an e-mail and we’ll talk. I’d like less of a free-for-all this year. Pick a date and commit to it, please!

And wait until you see the cool touches we’re going to give you for rockin’ out with us this Rocktober. Fifty-three days left. Can you stand it?

(Need some ideas for Rock Fiction titles? Check the Rock Fiction page here at West of Mars! I’m updating it as soon as I come across new titles, so if you have any suggestions that aren’t on the page, leave them in the comments here or on the West of Mars Fans page at Facebook.)


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