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Well… I still don’t have a book to feature! How is it possible that no one out there has a new book they’d like to talk up?

It’s not that hard. I mean, hello? ONE question. That’s it. Just one.

Otherwise, it’s been quiet around here. Settling into the new schedule that includes having Teen Boy Reads and his sister underfoot. Editing like a fiend; I’m finally no longer behind.

And… it being June, I’m spending part of the week at my second favorite place on the planet: Boy Scout Camp. Rumor has it two other women are coming this year, so I’m eager to see how their presence will change the dynamic. After all, my attitude has always been that I’m on the men’s turf and they shouldn’t change because of me. Well, okay, they should put their tent flaps down before they change their clothes, but they should be doing that anyway ’cause there are young kids around.

Best news? I’ve been spending a nice chunk of time writing. Hope to have it for you next April, for my annual birthday release. Cross your fingers, keep the good stuff coming, and find me some books to feature here, will ya?


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  1. Caroline Clemmons

    June 18, 2013 10:50 pm

    I’m so sorry I failed to contact you about my new release. I’d be happy to have you feature it any time in the future.

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