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Featured New Book Spotlight: Where’d You Go?


Oh, no! After two weeks, the Featured New Book Spotlight is back to dark.

I don’t like it dark.

I like it when I can feature YOU. And your book, of course. Okay, mostly your book.

And a song that makes you think of your book.

That’s it. It’s that simple.

Well, okay, some buy links, too. And links to social media, so people can connect with you and you can make long-lasting fans.


So tell your friends. It’s free, unless you want a specific date (and it’s always free for my editing clients).

It’s supposed to be quick and easy. One question. In. Out. Done. And it’s one that should be fresh, one that doesn’t get asked by every single other interviewer out there.

Here’s the details. Really. Spread the word. Hog the spotlight, if only for a week.

You deserve it.


Featured New Non-Book


Well… I still don’t have a book to feature! How is it possible that no one out there has a new book they’d like to talk up?

It’s not that hard. I mean, hello? ONE question. That’s it. Just one.

Otherwise, it’s been quiet around here. Settling into the new schedule that includes having Teen Boy Reads and his sister underfoot. Editing like a fiend; I’m finally no longer behind.

And… it being June, I’m spending part of the week at my second favorite place on the planet: Boy Scout Camp. Rumor has it two other women are coming this year, so I’m eager to see how their presence will change the dynamic. After all, my attitude has always been that I’m on the men’s turf and they shouldn’t change because of me. Well, okay, they should put their tent flaps down before they change their clothes, but they should be doing that anyway ’cause there are young kids around.

Best news? I’ve been spending a nice chunk of time writing. Hope to have it for you next April, for my annual birthday release. Cross your fingers, keep the good stuff coming, and find me some books to feature here, will ya?


Featured New Book and a missing client


First off: the Featured New Book spotlight is empty again! C’mon, authors and readers. If you don’t have a new book out, surely you have a friend who has one. Send him or her my way. I love to help others out.

A reminder link to the Featured New Book Spotlight page. Follow the directions and send me an e-mail.

Second is a bit of a weird story. Despite clear instructions NOT to, a potential client left a comment asking for a sample edit and what my timetable is. The mail got deleted, as the site says it will, but I dug it out.

I’m sort of wishing I hadn’t. I tried twice, in two different ways, but the e-mail bounced.

Either someone is messing with me, which I don’t appreciate, or Janet made a mistake, which happens.

Janet, if you’re out there, please be in touch. My calendar is filling up pretty fast, so we need to connect sooner rather than later.


FNB: Spotlight Still Dark


I hadn’t expected the spotlight on the Featured New Book to be dark today. Last week’s post prompted four replies… from four great authors whose book (or books) I’d love to feature, only… they didn’t follow the rules. Each of the four sent me an e-mail asking how to do it.

I sent them the same link that was in the post.

This link.

(I have yet to hear from any of the four, which is why you’re not meeting them and their books today. Weird, huh?)

It really is okay if the first contact you have with me is to send me the information I need for the Featured New Book. I know: others might consider it rude, but the information’s right there on the site for a reason. Use it.

I hope many of my author friends will take me up on this — and spread the word.

Really. It’s super if you send me an e-mail that starts, “Hi, Susan. Saw the Featured New Release and here’s my answer to the Famed One Question Interview…”


Featured New Book… The Spotlight is Empty!


I can’t feature your new book if you don’t send me any information about it…

Spread the word. The definition of new doesn’t have to be exact… I’ve featured books that have been out a few months.

In the meantime, remember that a few words about any book you read at B&N, GoodReads, Smashwords, or wherever you can are always a great help to an author, big or small!

Here’s the link for the Featured New Book rules.