Alternate Worlds and Kick-Ass Heriones — The Book Question of the Week


This week’s cover brought to you by my good friend ME Sutton and her MG series. Pick it up, read it, leave some reviews!

It’s still International Women’s Month, so the Book Question of the Week, here and at my Facebook page, is about, basically, kick-ass heroines. You know ’em: they star in science fiction, fantasy, urban fantasy, or the paranormal. They live on alternate worlds, or in the future on Planet Earth.

And my desk gets crossed with them fairly frequently. So I know they are out there.

Which means I’m looking for titles and links. To your books, to your friends’ books, to books written by complete strangers that you may have read and liked well enough to recommend to others.

Here or at Facebook. I don’t care. Just start linking, start talking to each other… and go!

And remember: Reviews help bring a book to new readers! If you want to leave a review but are unsure of its quality, drop me a note. I’m glad to help, at an affordable price. Believe me, you’ll be getting the better end of the deal!

One more note! If you’re an author with a manuscript in need of an edit, drop me a note. If your manuscript fits this week’s BQOTW, I’ll give you a sweet discount on the work. But you have to reach out before the next BQOTW goes live, so don’t dawdle!)


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