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Meow! The Book Question of the Week


I’ve spent the past week struggling with a sick cat. I came home from a weekend with my son — Frisbee tournament season has begun! — and noticed Milo cat had lost weight. Just that fast.

Cats don’t lose weight that fast, so it was off to the vet, who confirmed my suspicions: my tomcat has diabetes.

This past week has been full of adjustments to food, insulin shots, and more. Poor Lucy cat has been swept up in the chaos, as the food bowl that used to sit on the floor, always full, magically disappeared. And she’s not happy that her brother gets this huge amount of wet food while she gets… boring dry food.

So far, Milo is responding well to treatment. Or, he seems to be. The vet will let me know later this week, but I’m optimistic.

Which brings me to the Book Question of the Week:


You got it! Fiction featuring cats. Be it my friend Carole Nelson Douglas and her Midnight Louie series or something else, let’s hear it. Link up here or at Facebook and as always, you are welcome to promote yourself, your friends, complete strangers, and even your worst enemy. Because sometimes, even your worst enemy can write a good book.


Book Question of the Week: Women Performers


We all knew I had to at some point… since I have a true love for Rock Fiction, I had to go there, and what better time than during International Women’s Month?

This week’s Book Question of the Week (Here or at Facebook) is… women performers.

All sorts of stages and screens are welcome. But so are the performers you may not think about.

We women are often expected to perform. Think Regency period, if you will. The public performance women were supposed to put on. Or in Gone with the Wind, how often Scarlett performed (hello, curtains!). Undercover cops.

We women are always performing. So here’s your chance to highlight your favorite fictional characters who perform. Have fun.


Alternate Worlds and Kick-Ass Heriones — The Book Question of the Week


This week’s cover brought to you by my good friend ME Sutton and her MG series. Pick it up, read it, leave some reviews!

It’s still International Women’s Month, so the Book Question of the Week, here and at my Facebook page, is about, basically, kick-ass heroines. You know ’em: they star in science fiction, fantasy, urban fantasy, or the paranormal. They live on alternate worlds, or in the future on Planet Earth.

And my desk gets crossed with them fairly frequently. So I know they are out there.

Which means I’m looking for titles and links. To your books, to your friends’ books, to books written by complete strangers that you may have read and liked well enough to recommend to others.

Here or at Facebook. I don’t care. Just start linking, start talking to each other… and go!

And remember: Reviews help bring a book to new readers! If you want to leave a review but are unsure of its quality, drop me a note. I’m glad to help, at an affordable price. Believe me, you’ll be getting the better end of the deal!

One more note! If you’re an author with a manuscript in need of an edit, drop me a note. If your manuscript fits this week’s BQOTW, I’ll give you a sweet discount on the work. But you have to reach out before the next BQOTW goes live, so don’t dawdle!)


The Book Question of the Week! Women Sleuths


West of Mars

Over at the West of Mars Facebook Page, I’ve started running Book Questions of the Week. I’d love it if you’d drop in and leave some suggestions and links there, but if you’d like to leave ’em here, too, go for it.

After all, one can never have too many suggestions for great books to read.

This week’s theme: Women Sleuths, contemporary age. This is, of course, to celebrate Women’s History Month, and don’t ask how contemporary women sleuths make up Women’s History, except women are making history, maybe. It’s a bit of a stretch, but too bad.

Leave suggestions and/or links here or there. You can suggest your own books, you can suggest a friend’s books, you can suggest a book (or series) you love… it’s all good! And, of course, along with your links, feel free to actually (shocker alert:) talk to each other about your suggestions.

You just might make some new friends.

I love new friends. Especially book friends.

So let’s hear it. Women sleuths, licensed or not. Contemporary age.

Who are your faves?

And don’t forget that we’ve got the Featured New Book Spotlight and Lines of Distinction for your promotional needs. Take advantage: they cost you NOTHING!

And hey, if you’re still reading… if you’re a new client and your manuscript IS the BQOTW, speak up before the next one gets posted and you’ll get a discount on your editing needs!