FNB: Spotlight Still Dark


I hadn’t expected the spotlight on the Featured New Book to be dark today. Last week’s post prompted four replies… from four great authors whose book (or books) I’d love to feature, only… they didn’t follow the rules. Each of the four sent me an e-mail asking how to do it.

I sent them the same link that was in the post.

This link.

(I have yet to hear from any of the four, which is why you’re not meeting them and their books today. Weird, huh?)

It really is okay if the first contact you have with me is to send me the information I need for the Featured New Book. I know: others might consider it rude, but the information’s right there on the site for a reason. Use it.

I hope many of my author friends will take me up on this — and spread the word.

Really. It’s super if you send me an e-mail that starts, “Hi, Susan. Saw the Featured New Release and here’s my answer to the Famed One Question Interview…”


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