Meow! The Book Question of the Week


I’ve spent the past week struggling with a sick cat. I came home from a weekend with my son — Frisbee tournament season has begun! — and noticed Milo cat had lost weight. Just that fast.

Cats don’t lose weight that fast, so it was off to the vet, who confirmed my suspicions: my tomcat has diabetes.

This past week has been full of adjustments to food, insulin shots, and more. Poor Lucy cat has been swept up in the chaos, as the food bowl that used to sit on the floor, always full, magically disappeared. And she’s not happy that her brother gets this huge amount of wet food while she gets… boring dry food.

So far, Milo is responding well to treatment. Or, he seems to be. The vet will let me know later this week, but I’m optimistic.

Which brings me to the Book Question of the Week:


You got it! Fiction featuring cats. Be it my friend Carole Nelson Douglas and her Midnight Louie series or something else, let’s hear it. Link up here or at Facebook and as always, you are welcome to promote yourself, your friends, complete strangers, and even your worst enemy. Because sometimes, even your worst enemy can write a good book.



  1. Sarah @ PussReboots

    March 29, 2017 12:20 pm

    I went a little overboard with your prompt and put together some lists of cat books by women. Books about cats by women

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