Susan’s Book Coveting: Blood and Guitars by Heather Jensen


It seems that when I get Rock Fiction recommendations, they come from one of three sources: Misty of Top Shelf e-Books, Maria Savva, or Mary at BookHounds and Forever Young (Adult).

The rest of you DO know that if you come across something not on my Rock Books page, you’re encouraged to drop me a line, or post it over at the West of Mars Fans page at Facebook, right?

Anyway, today’s find comes from Mary. It’s author Heather Jensen, who wrote a Rock Fiction/Vampire book, Blood and Guitars. Yep, that’s pretty much it. Guitars. Vampires.

Which means that of course it’s another one I need. It’s in print, the Kindle store, and up at Smashwords (that’s where the link above will take you), so if you get your hands on it before I do, feel free to send me your review. I’ll link to it from the Rock Fiction page.

Read and rock on —


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